Effect of level of energy intake and influence of breed and sex on the chemical composition of cattle.

  title={Effect of level of energy intake and influence of breed and sex on the chemical composition of cattle.},
  author={Annie Fortin and S Simpfendorfer and Janet W. Reid and H J Ayala and R Anrique and A. F. Kertz},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={51 3},
Chemical composition of the empty body was determined in 159 animals slaughtered at weights ranging from 121 to 706 kilograms. Holstein and Angus bulls, steers and heifers were fed at two energy levels: ad libitum and 65 to 70% ad libitum. The allometric equation, Y = aXb, was used to determine the effect of energy intake and the influence of breed and sex on the accretion rates of the chemical components relative to the growth of the empty body or fat-free empty body. Group comparisons for… CONTINUE READING


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