Effect of iron overload in the isolated ischemic and reperfused rat heart

  title={Effect of iron overload in the isolated ischemic and reperfused rat heart},
  author={Sylvie Cosnier Pucheu and Charles Coudray and N. Tresallet and Alain Favier and Prof. J. de Leiris},
  journal={Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy},
It has been suggested that iron might play a pivotal role in the development of reperfusion-induced cellular injury through the activation of oxygen free radical producing reactions. The present study examined the effects of myocardial iron overload on cardiac vulnerability to ischemia and reperfusion. Moreover, the effect of the iron chelator deferoxamine in reversing ischemia-reperfusion injury was studied. Animals were treated with iron dextran solution (i.m. injection, 25 mg every third day… CONTINUE READING


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