Effect of intrathoracic pressure on left ventricular performance.

  title={Effect of intrathoracic pressure on left ventricular performance.},
  author={Andrew J. Buda and Michael R. Pinsky and Neil B. Ingels and George T. Daughters and Edward B. Stinson and Edwin L. Alderman},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={301 9},
Left ventricular dysfunction is common in respiratory-distress syndrome, asthma and obstructive lung disease. To understand the contribution of intrathoracic pressure to this problem, we studied the effects of Valsalva and Müller maneuvers on left ventricular function in eight patients. Implantation of intramyocardial markers permitted beat-by-beat measurement of the velocity of fiber shortening (VCF) and left ventricular volume. During the Müller maneuver, VCF and ejection fraction decreased… CONTINUE READING

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