[Effect of inflammatory mediators on respiration in rat liver mitochondria].

  • V L Semenov
  • Published 1990 in Ukrainskiĭ biokhimicheskiĭ zhurnal


Some inflammatory mediators have been studied for their influence on the energy reactions of the liver mitochondria. Mediators were injected intraperitoneally to rats 15 min before decapitation in the following doses (per 100 g of the body) weight: histamine--0.5 mg, serotonin--0.5 mg, bradykinin--0.2 mg, andekalin--0.5 units. Histamine action in the body is connected with modification of the respiratory mitochondria chain and, like the oligomycin action, is directed to attended oxidation and phosphorylation points. Serotonin increases the mitochondria sensitivity to separating agents in succinate oxidation. It is supposed that serotonin-induced inhibition of oxidation of NAD-dependent substances is connected with NADH2 dehydrogenase inhibition or transhydrogenase reaction activation. Bradykinin has activated NAD-dependent substance oxidation and increased respiratory chain sensitivity on the SoQ link to 2,4-dinitrophenol action. Andekalin exerts an analogous effect intensifying ADP-, DNP- and Ca-stimulated respiration of mitochondria during succinate oxidation. Mechanism of the inflammatory mediators influence on the energy metabolism is discussed.

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