Effect of ibuprofen on alcohol-induced teratogenesis in mice.

  title={Effect of ibuprofen on alcohol-induced teratogenesis in mice.},
  author={Carrie L. Randall and Howard C Becker and Raymond F. Anton},
  journal={Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research},
  volume={15 4},
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of the prostaglandin synthetase inhibitor ibuprofen (IBU) on the teratogenic actions of alcohol. On day 10 of pregnancy, C57BL/6J mice were injected subcutaneously with 25 mg/kg IBU or vehicle control. One hour later, the mice were intubated with 5.8 g/kg alcohol or an isocaloric control solution. A group injected subcutaneously with 150 mg/kg aspirin, followed by 5.8 g/kg alcohol 1 hr later, served as a positive control. The results… CONTINUE READING