Effect of hydrostatic pressure and uniaxial strain on the electronic structure of Pb 1 − x Sn x Te

  title={Effect of hydrostatic pressure and uniaxial strain on the electronic structure of Pb 1 − x Sn x Te},
  author={Matthias Geilhufe and Sanjeev K. Nayak and Stefan Thomas and Markus Dane and Gouri S. Tripathi and Peter Entel and Wolfram Hergert and Arthur Ernst},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The electronic structure of ${\mathrm{Pb}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Sn}}_{x}\mathrm{Te}$ is studied by using the relativistic Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker Green function method in the framework of density functional theory. For all concentrations $x, {\mathrm{Pb}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Sn}}_{x}\mathrm{Te}$ is a direct semiconductor with a narrow band gap. In contrast to pure lead telluride, tin telluride shows an inverted band characteristic close to the Fermi energy. It will be shown that… 
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