Effect of hinokitiol impregnated sheets on shelf life and quality of “KEK‐1” tomatoes during storage

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The Biological Activities of Troponoids and Their Use in Agriculture A Review
The major biological effects of troponoids on tyrosinase and polyphenol oxidase activity, ethylene production, antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal activities, and biotransformation of ß-thujaplicin by cultured plant cells are presented.
The calmodulin‐encoding gene BoCam 1: a sensitive wound‐responsive gene in cabbage
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Hinokitiol Inhibits Polyphenol Oxidase and Enzymatic Browning
We screened for inhibitors of enzymatic browning among fermented broths of lactic acid bacteria (58 strains), extracts of spices (7 samples), and food additives (34 samples) from the standpoint of
Change of textural properties of tomatoes due to storage and storage temperatures
Tomatoes stored at lower temperatures had lower weight loss, lower colour change and lower change of textural properties which suggests that those tomatoes had longer storage life than tomatoes stored at higher temperature.
Modified atmosphere packaging of fresh produce: Current status and future needs
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Abstract Fresh produce is more susceptible to disease organisms because of increase in the respiration rate after harvesting. The respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables can be reduced by many
Characteristics of Sugar Content in Different Sections and Harvest Maturity of Bamboo Shoots
The fresh, unpeeled bamboo shoots have particular cellular chemical properties and respond differently to storage duration and condition depending on harvest maturity, which influences changes in sugar content during storage.
Methyl jasmonate coupled with modified atmosphere packaging to extend shelf life of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) during cold storage.
The effects of methyl jasmonate coupled with modified atmosphere packaging (MJ + MAP) on the quality and shelf life of mature green tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) were investigated during
A fresh look at natural tropolonoids.
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This article reviews the distribution of tropones and tropolones, the biosynthetic pathways for their production and their biological activities, and there are 154 references.
Molecular biology of ethylene during tomato fruit development and maturation
Data pertaining to ethylene biology specifically as related to fruit maturation is summarized and including recent insights into genetic control of the ripening process prior to and controlling ethylene are summarized.