Effect of high salt intake in mutant mice lacking bradykinin-B2 receptors.

  title={Effect of high salt intake in mutant mice lacking bradykinin-B2 receptors.},
  author={Marcos E. Alfie and David H. Sigmon and Silvia I Pomposiello and Oscar A. Carretero},
  volume={29 1 Pt 2},
Renal kinins release prostaglandins and nitric oxide via the B2 receptor, promoting diuresis and natriuresis; hence, they may also contribute significantly to blood pressure regulation. We hypothesized that mutant mice lacking the gene encoding for the bradykinin-B2 receptor (B2-KO) become hypertensive when placed on a long-term high-salt diet. To test this, B2-KO and control mice were placed on either a normal (0.2%) or high-Na+ diet (3.15% in food plus 1% saline as drinking water) for 8 weeks… CONTINUE READING
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