Effect of grapefruit juice on carbamazepine bioavailability in patients with epilepsy

  title={Effect of grapefruit juice on carbamazepine bioavailability in patients with epilepsy},
  author={S. Garg and N. Kumar and V. Bhargava and S. Prabhakar},
  journal={Clinical Pharmacology \& Therapeutics},
To examine the effect of grapefruit juice on the bioavaiability of carbamazepine in patients with epilepsy. 
Grapefruit juice–felodipine interaction in the elderly
Grapefruit juice can increase the oral bioavailability of a broad range of medications. This interaction has not been assessed in the elderly.
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Grapefruit: the last decade acquisitions.
The bioavailability of many drugs was tested with grapefruit juice (GJ) coadministration; the inhibition on cytochrome P450 seems due to a synergic action between flavonoids and coumarins. Expand
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Clinical Consequences of 3A Inhibition
CYP4503A isoenzymes in the GI tract and liver catalyze the hydroxylation of some psychiatric medications, including triazolobenzodiazepines,
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Interaction between Grapefruit Juice and Praziquantel in Humans
The area under the concentration-time curve and the maximum concentration in plasma of praziquantel (Cmax) were significantly increased and no statistically significant differences were found in the time to maximum concentration of drug in plasma or elimination half-life. Expand
Successful treatment of a case with concurrent ingestion of carbamazepine overdose and grapefruit juice
A 23‐year‐old man, with a history of epilepsy, was admitted to the emergency department 2 h after ingesting 10 g CBZ with 1 L grapefruit juice and he showed signs of restlessness. Expand


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Plasma concentrations of triazolam are increased by concomitant ingestion of grapefruit juice
Grapefruit juice increases the bioavailability of several drugs known to be metabolized by CYP3A enzymes. Ketoconazole and itraconazole can increase the area under the concentration‐time curveExpand
Interaction of citrus juices with felodipine and nifedipine
Six men with borderline hypertension took felodipine 5 mg with water, grapefruit juice, or orange juice; the bioavailability with grapefruit Juice was lower, diastolic blood pressure lower, and heart rate higher with Grapefruit juice than with water. Expand
Effect of grapefruit juice and naringin on nisoldipine pharmacokinetics
Current information supports the cautioning of patients about concomitant ingestion of grapefruit juice and nisoldipine, and the interaction could not be predicted from baseline pharmacokinetics with water and resulted in greater interindividual variability. Expand
Simultaneous HPLC measurements of phenobarbitone. phenytoin and carbamazepine from plasma samples
A specific and sensitive HPLC method for simultaneously quantitating phenobarbitone, pheoytoin and carbamazepine is described and compared well with EMIT assay (syva kits). Expand
Cytochrome P450 Isozymes and Antiepileptic Drug Interactions
  • R. Levy
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Epilepsia
  • 1995
Summary: Recent findings about individual isoforms of the cytochromes P450 involved in the metabolism of phe‐nytoin (PHT) and carbamazepine (CBZ) make prediction of inhibition‐based interactionsExpand
Human liver carbamazepine metabolism. Role of CYP3A4 and CYP2C8 in 10,11-epoxide formation.
The findings indicate that CYP3A4 is the principal catalyst of 10,11-epoxide formation in human liver, consistent with the number of inhibitory drug interactions associated with its clinical use, interactions that result from a perturbation of CYP 3A4 catalytic activity. Expand
Specific CYP3A4 inhibitors in grapefruit juice: furocoumarin dimers as components of drug interaction.
These furocoumarins are strong candidates for causative agents of grapefruit juice-mediated drug interaction, because of an inhibition potential that is equal to or stronger than the prototypical CYP3A4 inhibitor, ketoconazole, on liver microsomal testosterone 6 beta-hydroxylation. Expand