Effect of grain size on the competition between twinning and detwinning in nanocrystalline metals

  title={Effect of grain size on the competition between twinning and detwinning in nanocrystalline metals},
  author={Song Ni and Yanbo Wang and Xiaozhou Liao and Hong Qing Li and Roberto B. Figueiredo and Simon P. Ringer and Terence G. Langdon and Yuntian Zhu},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Both twinning and detwinning have been reported to occur during the deformation of nanocrystalline (nc) face-centered-cubic metals. This raises the issue of how these two processes compete with each other. Here, we report that the twinning process dominates in a certain range of grain sizes, whereas, the detwinning process dominates outside of this range to annihilate all twins. These experimental observations establish a full spectrum of grain-size effects on deformation twinning and… Expand

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