Effect of glucagon in intravenous glucose tolerance.

  title={Effect of glucagon in intravenous glucose tolerance.},
  author={D. Turner and T. Audhya and D. Cramp and C. Holdsworth and N. Mcintyre},
  journal={British Medical Journal},
  pages={145 - 146}
The plasma insulin response to intestinally administered glucose is greater than that elicited by the same quantity of glucose given intravenously (McIntyre et al., 1965). McIntyre and his colleagues suggested that the most likely explanation is the release from the intestine of a humoral factor which stimulates insulin secretion. The identity of this hormone remains speculative, but the intestinal hormones secretin (Pfeiffer et al., 1965; Dupr6 et al., 1966; Unger et al., 1966b), pancreozymin… Expand
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