Effect of garlic powder on performance and lipid profile of broilers

  title={Effect of garlic powder on performance and lipid profile of broilers},
  author={Kamal Jamal Issa and J Abo Omar},
  journal={Open Journal of Animal Sciences},
This experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of feeding garlic powder (GP) on the performance, digestibility, digestive organs, carcass cuts and lipid profile of broilers. A total of 270 day-old Cobb-500 chicks were used in the experiment. Birds were partitioned into three experimental groups of 90 birds in each. Each treatment was composed of 6 replicates with 15 birds in each. The control group was fed with a commercial starter and finisher diet. The second and third groups were… 

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It could be concluded that the addition of garlic has positive influence on chicken production and blood lipid status, but the further investigation of their mode of action is still necessary.
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Results indicated that the combination of GP and NLP can be used as alternates to coccidiostats for improving the performance of broilers and such meat can be use as a designer meat as fetch higher price if marketed as branded item.
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Adding various level of Allium sativum improves growth performance and body part weight but for accurate amount of garlic powder need to have further study.
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It seems that better or more responses could be expected in performance if the raising conditions would not be healthy, and 1 and 3% supplemented groups in finisher period had better performance as compared with other groups.
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It is revealed that some commercial probiotics could be as effective as antimicrobial growth promoters in broilers, even with local diets under hot humid conditions in Sri Lanka.
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It was concluded that garlic paste in the diets of laying hens reduced serum and yolk cholesterol concentrations and dietary garlic paste had no adverse effects on layer performance.
Lipid profile of chicken (Gallus domesticus) in response to dietary supplementation of garlic (Allium sativum).
It is suggested that the garlic supplementation in feed is effective in regulation of lipid metabolism, which is the predisposing factor for the coronary heart diseases.
Effect of dietary garlic (Allium sativum) on performance, carcass composition and blood chemistry changes in broiler chickens
It is demonstrated that the inclusion of garlic in the diet did not improve the performance of broiler chickens, though plasma cholesterol and plasma HDL cholesterol concentrations were approximately 10% lower with the highest level of dietary garlic.
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Generally, dietary thyme oil or yarrow herb inclusion had the most positive effects on chick performance, while oregano herb and yarrow oil were the poorest supplements.
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