Effect of gamma irradiation on remodeling process of tendon allograft.

  title={Effect of gamma irradiation on remodeling process of tendon allograft.},
  author={Tatsuo Mae and Konsei Shino and Akira Maeda and Yukiyoshi Toritsuka and Shuji Horibe and Takahiro Ochi},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
Freeze-dried tendon allograft sterilized with gamma irradiation could be a reasonable option for ligament substitute. In the current study, the effects of freezing or freeze-drying followed by gamma irradiation on remodeling were analyzed biomechanically in a rat patellar tendon transplantation model at the time of harvest and during a 24-week healing period. The grafts were divided into four groups: fresh-freezing, freeze-drying, fresh-freezing followed by gamma irradiation, and freeze-drying… CONTINUE READING


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