Effect of fluorine on thyroidal iodine metabolism in hyperthyroidism.

  title={Effect of fluorine on thyroidal iodine metabolism in hyperthyroidism.},
  author={Pierre M. Galletti and G. Joyet},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={18 10},
Prolonged administration of a daily dose of 5-10 mg. of fluoride to patients with hyperthyroidism may cause clinical improvement together with a significant fall in the level of plasma protein-bound iodine and a reduction in the basal metabolic rate. Studies with radioactive fluorine failed to demonstrate any important accumulation of fluorine within the thyroid in vivo. Thyroidal, blood and urinary radioiodine studies suggest that fluorine inhibits the thyroid iodide-concentrating mechanism… CONTINUE READING

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