Effect of fiber incorporation on rheological and chapati making quality of wheat flour.

  title={Effect of fiber incorporation on rheological and chapati making quality of wheat flour.},
  author={Deep Narayan Yadav and Anila Rajan and Gopal K. Sharma and Amarinder Singh Bawa},
  journal={Journal of food science and technology},
  volume={47 2},
Traditional Indian unleavened bread (chapati) was prepared by incorporating wheat bran (insoluble fiber) and oat bran (soluble fiber) at different levels into whole wheat flour. Central composite rotatable design with 2 independent variables (wheat bran and oat bran) at 5 levels (wheat bran 3-9, oat bran 6-12%) was used to design the experiments. The flour samples containing different concentration of bran were analysed for pasting and mixing characteristics. Wheat bran had a negative (p ≤ 0.05… CONTINUE READING

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