[Effect of exercise duration on the magnitude and duration of post-exercise hypotension].


PURPOSE Considering that exercise duration may play a role in post-exercise hypotension, we tested the hypothesis that a prolonged submaximal exercise would lead to a greater and longer blood pressure fall after exercise than a shorter exercise bout. METHODS Experimental protocol-10 subjects were submitted to two cycle ergometer exercise trials (25 and 45 min) at 50% of VO2 peak. Control protocol-12 subjects rested in the sitting position for 45 min. Blood pressure (BP) was measured before (20 min) and after (90 min) rest or exercise bouts. RESULTS Systolic BP decreased significantly after exercise and this reduction was greater and lasted longer after 45 min of exercise. Mean and diastolic BP decreased after exercise and they were significantly lower during the 45 min session. Control protocol--no change in BP was observed after resting condition. CONCLUSION A longer exercise bout leads to a greater and longer post-exercise hypotension.

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