Effect of environmental factors and carbohydrate on gellan gum production.

  title={Effect of environmental factors and carbohydrate on gellan gum production.},
  author={Basundhara Kanari and Ratindra Ram Banik and Siddha Nath Upadhyay},
  journal={Applied biochemistry and biotechnology},
  volume={102-103 1-6},
Submerged culture fermentation studies were carried out in batch mode for optimizing the environmental parameters and carbon source requirement by Pseudomonas elodea for the production of gellan gum. The maximum production of gellan gum was obtained with 16-h-old culture and 8% inoculum at 30 degrees C and pH 7.0 after 52 h of incubation (6.0 g/L). Of the various carbon sources tested, 2% sucrose, glucose, and soluble starch yielded considerably high amounts of gellan. Studies on the… CONTINUE READING

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