Effect of early measles vaccination (AIK-C strain) for preterm infants.

  title={Effect of early measles vaccination (AIK-C strain) for preterm infants.},
  author={Tomonori Ichikawa and Atsutoshi Tsuji and Motoko Fujino and Ryousuke Kusano and Ryusuke Sugiyama and Sayu Oomori and Kazuhiro Mori and Katsuhiro Maeyama and Tetsuo Nakayama},
  journal={Pediatrics international : official journal of the Japan Pediatric Society},
  volume={55 2},
BACKGROUND The level of maternal antibodies decreases more quickly in preterm than term infants, leaving them unprotected against measles. To protect premature infants from measles, an early vaccination trial was investigated. METHODS Changes in the serum measles neutralization test (NT) antibody titer were examined in 152 infants (average gestational period, 29 weeks; average birthweight, 1203 g). RESULTS The average antibody titer (2(n)) was 2(3.5) at birth and 2(2.2) at 1-3 months of age… CONTINUE READING