Effect of drugs on heme synthesis in the liver.

  title={Effect of drugs on heme synthesis in the liver.},
  author={Thomas R. Tephly and Etsuko Hasegawa and Jeffrey Baron},
  journal={Metabolism: clinical and experimental},
  volume={20 2},
Several substances have been shown to affect hepatic heme synthesis in the rat liver. Phenobarbital and the polycyclic hydrocarbon, 3,4-benzpyrene, produce an induction of aminolevulinic acid synthetase (ALAS), the enzyme mediating the first step in heme synthesis. This is followed sequentially by increased incorporation of glycine into microsomal heme, increased microsomal protoheme, cytochrome P-450, and increases in activity of certain microsomal mixed function oxidate reactions. Microsomal… CONTINUE READING


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