Effect of disodium cromoglycate (Intal) on sputum protein composition.

  title={Effect of disodium cromoglycate (Intal) on sputum protein composition.},
  author={S Heilpern and A. S. Rebuck},
  volume={27 6},
The protein content in the sputum of nine patients with asthma was compared with that in 11 non-asthmatic patients by a method of gel electrophoresis. It was found that the albumin content was significantly higher in the sputum of the asthmatics than of the non-asthmatics (P<001). A further 11 asthmatic patients who were taking disodium cromoglycate (Intal) as part of their treatment had sputum albumin levels indistinguishable from the non-asthmatics. When patients with asthma were then studied… CONTINUE READING