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Effect of different reinforcement on mechanical properties of aluminium metal matrix composites

  title={Effect of different reinforcement on mechanical properties of aluminium metal matrix composites},
  author={Prem Shankar Sahu},
There is a significant role of reinforcing materials in determining composites (MMCs) shows very attractive and yield strength, toughness, hardnessetc. they can successfully replace other materials like cast iron and steel. Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) are potential candidate materials for numerous applications properties is obtained by suitable tailoring reinforcements in base metal. In the casting process the reinforcement particles like metal borides (TiB2), metal oxides (Al in the… Expand
Silicon Nitride as a Reinforcement for Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites to Enhance Microstructural, Mechanical and Tribological Behavior
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Microstructure Evaluation of Si3N4 reinforced Al6082 Composites subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation
In this research, work is carried out on Al6082 alloy because of its thermal stability and stiffness which can be used for strong structural application, here the hard ceramic particle of Si3N4 areExpand
Study on Iraqi Bauxite Ceramic Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Synthesized by Stir Casting
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Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Grain refined and Modified A356 Reinforced with Silicon Carbide
Mechanical properties and wear studies were carried out on as cast A356, Grain refined and grain modified A356 reinforced with varied percentage of silicon carbide. The wear tests were conducted forExpand


Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy2024 Reinforced with Silicon Carbide and Fly Ash Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
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Production and some properties of Si3N4 reinforced aluminium alloy composites
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni–P coated Si3N4 reinforced Al6061 composites
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Metal matrix composites: production by the stir casting method
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Wear and microstructural characteristics of spray atomized zircon sand reinforced LM13 alloy
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy matrix composite reinforced with nano-particle MgO
Abstract In this research, aluminum alloy (A356.1) matrix composites reinforced with 1.5, 2.5 and 5 vol% nano-particle MgO were fabricated via stir casting method. Fabrication was performed atExpand
Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by Nano-Particles—A Review
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Among metallic matrices, Aluminum based matrix remains the most explored metal matrix material for the development of MMCs. This is primarily due to the broad spectrum of properties offered byExpand
Mechanical properties of Al-based metal matrix composites reinforced with Zr-based glassy particles produced by powder metallurgy
Al-based metal matrix composites consisting of pure Al reinforced with different amounts of mechanically alloyed Zr57Ti8Nb2.5Cu13.9Ni11.1Al7.5 glassy powder were produced by powder metallurgy, andExpand
Metallurgical and mechanical characterization of stir cast AA6061-T6–AlNp composite
An attempt has been made to manufacture aluminium (6061-T6) matrix composites reinforced with aluminium nitride particles (AlNp) of size 3–4 μ using indigenously developed modified stir castingExpand