[Effect of different media on long-term cultivation of human synovial macrophages].


Cells of rheumatoid synovial tissue were bred in dispersion culture. In order to investigate the influence of three different culture media on the maturation and vitality of synovio-macrophages, Ham F10 (+fetal calf serum) and RPMI 1640 (+pooled AB Rh+ human serum) were compared with the serum- and cytokin-free solution AIM V. Combining light microscopic, transmission electron, and scanning electron microscopic methods (backscatter-mode), the enzyme and antibody features of synoviocytes were detected. The ratio of macrophages were determined in the light microscope by marking with CD 14. The functional maturation was shown by the amboceptor test. This study demonstrates that RPMI 1640 (+AB Rh+ human serum) is favorable for cultivating human synoviomacrophages. Under serum-free conditions AIM V is especially appropriate.


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