Effect of dietary canthaxanthin and iodine on the production performance and egg quality of laying hens

  title={Effect of dietary canthaxanthin and iodine on the production performance and egg quality of laying hens},
  author={Krzysztof Damaziak and Agata Marzec and Juliane Riedel and J. Szeliga and Ewa Koczywąs and Fernando Cisneros and Monika Michalczuk and Monika Łukasiewicz and Dariusz Gozdowski and Aldona Siennicka and Hanna Kowalska and Jan Niemiec and Andrzej Lenart},
  journal={Poultry Science},
In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of canthaxanthin (CX) and iodine (I) on the production of laying hens, on counteracting debilitation of the vitelline membrane, and on inhibiting Salmonella growth in eggs stored at 30°C. Three hundred hens were reared in cages. Birds were divided into six feeding groups (10 hens × 5 repetitions) that were administered 0, 3 or 6 ppm of CX and 1 or 10 ppm of I with their diets. Laying rate, egg weights, and feed conversion ratios were controlled… Expand
This study testified the hypothesis that L threonine (Thr) and canthaxanthin (Cx) alone or in combination in absence or present of anhydrous sodium sulphate (SS), can improve the performance of localExpand
Supplementation of two sources and three levels of iodine in the diet of laying hens: effects on performance, egg quality, serum and egg yolk lipids, antioxidant status, and iodine accumulation in eggs
Abstract In total, 378 Shaver White layers were allocated into 7 treatments with 6 replicates, from 30 to 42 wk of age, to assess the effects dietary organic (ethylenediamine dihydroiodide [EDDI])Expand
Egg Yolk Antioxidants Profiles: Effect of Diet Supplementation with Linseeds and Tomato-Red Pepper Mixture before and after Storage
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Effects of replacement genetically modified soybean meal by a mixture of: Linseed cake, sunflower cake, guar meal and linseed oil in laying hens diet. Production results and eggs quality
KulM® can be recommended as a safe and efficient substitute of GM SBM in laying hens diet, particularly at a concentration of the diet at 109 g/kg. Expand
Albumen Quality of Fresh and Stored Table Eggs: Hen Genotype as a Further Chance for Consumer Choice
  • C. Rizzi
  • Medicine
  • Animals : an open access journal from MDPI
  • 2021
Egg production and quality of the eggshell and albumen in fresh and stored eggs of two Italian dual-purpose purebreds and two hybrid genotypes reared outdoors were compared and RM showed a quite stable albumen quality and a lower total egg mass than ER which showed a more variable albumenquality, due also to a lower eggshell thickness and shape index. Expand
Effects of Chitosan Coating Structure and Changes during Storage on Their Egg Preservation Performance
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Egg storage and breeder age impact on egg quality and embryo development.
It can be concluded that short storage can improve hatchability of eggs from young breeder, but not from older breeders, and negative impact of long storage appears to be lower with young breeders than with old breeders. Expand
Characterization of structure and protein of vitelline membranes of precocial (ring-necked pheasant, gray partridge) and superaltricial (cockatiel parrot, domestic pigeon) birds
The structure and protein composition of the vitelline membrane (VM) of ring-necked pheasant, gray partridge, cockatiel parrot, and domestic pigeon eggs is analyzed and it is hypothesized that a multilayer structure of VM is necessary to counteract the aging process of the egg. Expand
Pigments from Microalgae Handbook
Chlorophylls (Chl) are the most abundant natural pigment supporting oxygenic photosynthesis in microalgae and Cyanobacteria, whereby they derive energy formetabolism and reproduction. InmicroalgaeExpand


Effects of supplementary iodine on the performance and egg traits of laying hens
As a result, the 3 and 6 mg/kg iodine supplementation of diet could be used to enrich the eggs with iodine without any adverse effect on performance and egg traits. Expand
Effect of canthaxanthin content of the maternal diet on the antioxidant system of the developing chick
The results support an idea that dietary carotenoids can modulate antioxidant systems of the developing chicken and reduce tissue susceptibility to lipid peroxidation. Expand
Influence of canthaxanthin on broiler breeder reproduction, chick quality, and performance.
The hypothesis that canthaxanthin supplementation of the maternal diet enhances the protective capacity of tissues against oxidative stress in vivo, which might be beneficial for poultry producers is supported. Expand
Effect of iodine-enriched yeast supplementation of diet on performance of laying hens, egg traits, and egg iodine content.
The results suggest that iodine yeast supplementation in the diet of laying hens is an effective method for increasing iodine concentration in eggs and thus could contribute to elimination of iodine deficiency disorders in humans consuming iodine-enriched eggs. Expand
Effects of Canthaxanthin on Egg Production, Egg Quality, and Egg Yolk Color in Laying Hens
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Effects of canthaxanthin on the productive and reproductive performance of broiler breeders.
The supplementation of broiler breeder diets with canthaxanthin improved the hatchability rate, fertility, and reduced the presence of thiobarbituric reactive substances in eggs. Expand
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It is concluded that there are differences among strains of turkey breeder hens in their dietary iodine requirement for optimal hatchability. Expand
Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Astaxanthin on Production Performance, Egg Quality in Layers and Meat Quality in Finishing Pigs
It could be concluded that astaxanthin supplementation was beneficial to improve egg yolk color; egg quality during storage and it also could improve the meat quality of finishing pigs. Expand
Effect of dietary iodine on production of iodine enriched eggs
It was concluded that supplementing iodine at 6.50 ppm in layers diet was economically better for the production of iodine enriched eggs followed by feed iodine supplementation at 3.25 ppm as compared to control and other treatment groups. Expand
Deposition rates of canthaxanthin in egg yolks
Yolk colour measured by a*-values and Roche Yolk Colour Fan (RYCF) values increased with increasing supplementation levels of canthaxanthin to diets, whereas, the relation between dietary canthAXanthin and RYCF-values fitted to a logarithmic equation was strictly linear. Expand