Effect of diet on plasma acid-base composition in normal humans.

  title={Effect of diet on plasma acid-base composition in normal humans.},
  author={Ira Kurtz and Tracy Maher and Henry N Hulter and Morris Schambelan and Anthony Sebastian},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={24 5},
Steady-state plasma and urine acid-base composition was assessed in 19 studies of 16 normal subjects who ingested constant amounts of one of three diets that resulted in different rates of endogenous noncarbonic acid production (EAP) within the normal range. Renal net acid excretion (NAE) was used to quantify EAP since the two variables are positively correlated in normal subjects. A significant positive correlation was observed between plasma [H+] and plasma PCO2, and between plasma [HCO3… CONTINUE READING
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