Effect of dicarboxylic acids on lentigo maligna.

  title={Effect of dicarboxylic acids on lentigo maligna.},
  author={M. Nazzaro-Porro and Siro Passi and L. Băluş and Aodh{\'a}n S Breathnach and Bernd Martin and Giorgio Morpurgo},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={72 6},
Dicarboxylic acids from C8 to C14 are competitive inhibitors of tyrosinase in vitro, and here, the effect of a cream containing 15% azelaic acid (C9) on 3 cases of lentigo maligna is described. The lesions were treated for 90 days, with remarkable clinical and histological effect, maintained for up to 2 yr after cessation of treatment. Progress during treatment of one case was additionally monitored by electron microscopy, which revealed progressive elimination of abnormal melanocytes both… CONTINUE READING

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