Effect of dentin surface roughness on shear bond strength.

  title={Effect of dentin surface roughness on shear bond strength.},
  author={P M McInnes and Sharon Wendt and D H Retief and Rebecca Weinberg},
  journal={Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials},
  volume={6 3},
The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the effect of dentin surface roughness on the shear bond strength of a dentin bonding agent. Seventy-five dentin samples were divided into five surface preparation groups: (1) 60-grit SiC; (2) 320-grit SiC; (3) 600-grit SiC; (4) 600-grit SiC followed by AI2O3, and (5) 320-grit SiC followed by a #245 carbide bur. The prepared dentin was treated with a dentin primer, and one coat of dentin bonding agent was applied and light-cured for 30 s. Each… CONTINUE READING