Effect of cyclosporine in rats with reduced renal mass.


The longterm effect of cyclosporine (CyA) on chronic renal failure was studied in female Wistar rats subjected to 4/5 to 5/6 nephrectomy by partial infarction of the left kidney followed by contralateral nephrectomy. CyA was added to a standard rat diet containing 25% protein. Each rat received 14 g of food daily containing 0 (control), 1.2 (group A), 2.4… (More)


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@article{Brunner1986EffectOC, title={Effect of cyclosporine in rats with reduced renal mass.}, author={Franziska Brunner and Monika Hermle and Michael J{\"o}rg Mihatsch and Gil Thiel}, journal={Clinical nephrology}, year={1986}, volume={25 Suppl 1}, pages={S148-54} }