Effect of cyanide by sodium nitroprusside (SNP) application on germination, antioxidative system and lipid peroxidation of Senna macranthera seeds under saline stress

  title={Effect of cyanide by sodium nitroprusside (SNP) application on germination, antioxidative system and lipid peroxidation of Senna macranthera seeds under saline stress},
  author={Aparecida Leonir da Silva and Daniel Teixeira Pinheiro and Eduardo Euclydes de Lima e Borges and La{\'e}rcio Junio da Silva and Denise Cunha Fernandes dos Santos Dias},
  journal={Journal of Seed Science},
Abstract: The effects of NO donors on germination under saline stress have been much investigated for many species, however, there are reports that the effect caused by donors are effects of cyanide present. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of sodium nitroprusside (SNP) on germination, antioxidative system and lipid peroxidation of Senna macranthera seeds under saline stress. The osmotic potentials of -0.4 and -0.5 MPa of NaCl were used, as well as the concentration of 100 μM… Expand

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