Effect of cortisone on the developmental pattern of the neutral and the acid beta-galactosidase of the small intestine of the rat.

  title={Effect of cortisone on the developmental pattern of the neutral and the acid beta-galactosidase of the small intestine of the rat.},
  author={Otakar Koldovsk{\'y} and Philip Sunshine},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={117 3},
1. The developmental pattern and effect of cortisone on acid beta-galactosidase and neutral beta-galactosidase were studied in postnatal rats by a recently proposed method for their independent determination. 2. After birth the acid beta-galactosidase activity increases in the ileum, whereas it decreases slightly in the jejunum. On day 16 after birth the activity in the ileum decreases and in 20-day-old rats activity in both parts of the intestine decreases to adult values. In suckling animals… 

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Disaccharidase activities in the rat intestine. II. Effect of progesterone.

It was indicated that progesterone has a short effect (up to 48 hi) on lactase and maltase activities on weanling and adult rats and no effect on disaccharidase levels was observed after oral administration of progester one, even in a dose higher than 6 mg/lOO g body wt.

The effects of cortisol and BUDR on cellular differentiation in the small intestine in suckling rats.

It appears that BUDR inhibits the initiation of cellular differentiation by cortisol but does not interfere with cellular proliferation or the pre-established program of Cellular differentiation that leads to pinocytosis.

Purification and characterization of intestinal lactases in rats

It is suggested that there are approximately four isozymes in intestinal lactases of suckling rats, as distinguished by the differences of their intramolecular net charges.

The Miniature Pig as an Animal Model for the Study of Intestinal Enzyme Development

The degree of small intestinal maturation and the similar intestinal enzyme distribution compared with that of the human infant suggest that the infant miniature pig is an excellent model for studies of intestinal enzyme development and regulation.

Intestinal Lactase Activity in the Suckling Rat: Influence of Hypophysectomy and Thyroidectomy

  • K. YehFlorence Moog
  • Biology, Medicine
  • 1974
The thyroid gland appears to play a previously unsuspected role in intestinal maturation, which is high in the infant rat intestine but falls to a low level by the end of the third week.



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