Effect of compensatory growth on regulation of growth and lactation: response of dairy heifers to a stair-step growth pattern.

  title={Effect of compensatory growth on regulation of growth and lactation: response of dairy heifers to a stair-step growth pattern.},
  author={Chung Soon Park and Gregory Mark Erickson and Yeon Jae Choi and Gizelher Marx},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={64 6},
The primary objective of this study was to improve the productive efficiency of growth via optimal use of both high fiber-low quality and high energy-high protein feeds in diets for growing dairy cattle. Twenty Holstein heifers were randomly assigned to either a control or treatment group. The control diet met the National Research Council (NRC) requirement for .45 kg/d gain, with heifers calving at 24 to 26 mo of age. The test groups were fed according to a 5-2-5-2 mo schedule in which the… CONTINUE READING

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