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Effect of codeine phosphate, Lomotil, and Isogel on iileostomy function.

  title={Effect of codeine phosphate, Lomotil, and Isogel on iileostomy function.},
  author={C. R. Newton},
  volume={19 5},
The effect on ileostomy function of codeine phosphate, Lomotil, or Isogel was tested in 20 subjects at home living a normal life, studied over two three-day periods on and off treatment. Codeine phosphate 60 mg three times daily was associated with a reduction in the mean total weight of ileostomy output and the ileostomy outputs of water, sodium, and potassium (p < 0.05). The proportion of faecal solids increased on codeine and the effluent appeared thicker but the output of faecal solids… Expand
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  • 2013