Effect of chronic inhalation of petroleum products on hematological parameters


Petroleum products are used for various reasons by human beings at homes, in manufacturing and petrochemical industries. The individuals most frequently exposed are those working in enterprises concerned with petrol and diesel, like petrol pumps. Chronic exposure to these compounds causes CNS depression and affects the kidney, liver, blood and systems. Hence, the present study was undertaken to assess the extent of damage caused by the chronic inhalation of petrol fumes on the haematopoetic system of human cases. The study was carried out on adult human subjects, 50 fuel attendants as cases and 50 shopkeepers as controls from Shivamogga city. The tests were performed in Department of Physiology, Shivamogga Institute of Medical Sciences, Shivamogga. Hemoglobin estimation was done using the Sahli s Hemoglobinometer and RBC count & TLC were done using improved Neubauer s counting chamber. Statistical analysis was done using unpaired ttest. The mean values of haemoglobin %, RBC count and Total leucocyte count were found to be significantly decreased in the test group when compared with the control group. The results obtained were statistically significant (p<0.05), which concludes that chronic exposure to petroleum fumes has adverse effects on human hematopoetic system, leading to bone marrow depression and resultant pancytopenia. KEYWORDS

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