Effect of chloramphenicol on antibody formation

  title={Effect of chloramphenicol on antibody formation},
  author={N E Gladkova and B. S. Uteshev and Boris V. Pinegin and V. V. Lebedev},
  journal={Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine},
Experiments were ca r r i ed out on CBA mice weighing 15 go The animals were immunized in t raperi toneal ly with sheep 's e ry throcytes (5 9 108 erythrocytes) . On the 4th day after immunization the mice were killed and cell suspensions prepared from their spleen (5 9 107-1 9 108 nucleated ce l l s /ml) . The number of ant ibody-forming cells was determined by the method of local hemolysis in agar. Direct hemolytic plaques (19S) were detected by the method of Je rne and Nordin [5]. Indirect…