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Effect of charge on the interaction of site-specific photoimmunoconjugates with human ovarian cancer cells.

  title={Effect of charge on the interaction of site-specific photoimmunoconjugates with human ovarian cancer cells.},
  author={M. Hamblin and J. Miller and T. Hasan},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={56 22},
  • M. Hamblin, J. Miller, T. Hasan
  • Published 1996
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Cancer research
  • A marked effect of charge modification on the uptake and phototoxicity of a photoimmunoconjugate (PIC) was demonstrated. A site-specific conjugation strategy was developed to attach the photosensitizer chlorin(e6) (c(e6)) to the F(ab')2 fragment of the murine antiovarian cancer monoclonal antibody OC125. Poly-L-lysine linkers carrying c(e6) with a cationic charge or by polysuccinylation with an anionic charge were used and covalently attached to partially reduced antibody via a… CONTINUE READING
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