Effect of calcium on brain metabolism in vitro


In attempts to distinguish between direct and indirect effects of Ca on brain cell metabolism, respiration, glycolysis, ATP, phosphocreatine, incorporation of [14C] leucine into protein, and accumulation of45Ca was determined in brain slices. Incubation was carried out in normal salt-balanced medium, in high-potassiumor ouabain-containing medium under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Calcium ions inhibited slightly glycolysis and respiration in normal medium and activated amino acid incorporation into proteins. Levels of ATP and phosphocreatine remained normal. These effects were interpreted as due to a stabilization of plasma membranes by Ca ions to prevent their spontaneous depolarization. Incubation of slices in high-potassium and ouabain media in aerobic conditions in the presence of Ca resulted in activation of respiration and glycolysis, decrease of ATP and phosphocreatine levels, and inhibition of amino acid incorporation into proteins. The disturbances in energy metabolism, caused by the respiration-linked Ca uptake in brain mitochondria and concomitant inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation, may lead to the inhibition of amino acid incorporation into proteins. An increase in Ca levels in the cytoplasm may only be expected in anaerobic conditions during the incubation in high-potassium and ouabain media. This is manifested by a direct inhibition of glycolysis by Ca ions and a drastic decrease of ATP and phosphocreatine in slices. The results suggest that stimulation of aerobic glycolysis and inhibition of anaerobic glycolysis by Ca may explain the unknown mechanism of the so-called “reversed Pasteur effect” of brain slices incubated in high-potassium media.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00965992

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