Effect of breed and season on rabbit production under subtropical climate.

  title={Effect of breed and season on rabbit production under subtropical climate.},
  author={S. Ghosh and Anup Kumar Das and Kamal Malla Bujarbaruah and Das Asit and K. R. Dhiman and N. P. Singh.},
  journal={World Rabbit Science},
The productive and reproductive performances of New Zealand White and Soviet Chinchilla breeds of rabbit were studied in the sub-tropical climate of Tripura, India. Data from 317 litters were collected and studied. The only signifi cant differences between the two breeds involved the number of services per conception and the inter-kindling interval which were signifi cantly (P 

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Breeding performance of local population of female rabbits raised in Tiaret area (semi-arid climate)

The season significantly affected receptivity, the number of stillborn and the average weight of the rabbits at weaning, and receptivity rate was lowest in summer and autumn with 31% and 23%, respectively.

The growth and reproductive performance of different breeds of rabbits kept under warm and humid environments in Ghana.

The growth performances of the breeds studied were indications of their potential of being developed in future into meat types, and season of birth had significant effect on litter weight at birth, gestation length and mortality in both breeds.

Analysis of Reproductive Traits of Broiler Rabbits Reared in Sub-temperate Climate of Kodai Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

The significant effects of the non-genetic factors like year of kindling on all reproductive traits, season, and parity on some of the traits in rabbit breeds are indications that any future production enhancement strategy must take into consideration the environment by providing additional care, feed supplementation and better shelter management to the rabbits, so that the full genetic potential can be realized.

Analysis of production and reproduction performances of Soviet Chinchilla and White Giant rabbits in tropical climatic conditions of India

The study revealed that the Soviet Chinchilla and White Giant breeds performed well in the tropical climatic conditions of Tamil Nadu and could be used for profitable meat production.


The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of rabbit phenotypes and production systems (traditional vs. intensive) on the production performance of indigenous rabbits in Northern

The growth and reproductive performance of different breeds of rabbits kept under warm and humid environments in Ghana. Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 4(3): 51-59

The potential of rabbit production in solving the problem of inadequate animal protein supply cannot be overemphasized. A study was therefore conducted to assess the growth and reproductive

Reproductive performance of different breeds of broiler rabbits under sub-temperate climatic conditions

The factors studied affect the reproductive performance of rabbit does, and Grey Giant breed showed the highest litter size at birth and weaning, and the high litter size and weight at weaning was in spring.

Breed Effect and Effect of Non-Genetic Factors on Performance Traits of Wool Type Angora Rabbits in an Organized Farm of Kashmir

This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, as to provide real-time information about Sheep Husbandry practices in Srinagar and the surrounding areas.

Effect of rearing system and season on behaviour, productive performance and carcass quality of rabbit: a review

This current review proposes best investigation to cover the effect of different rearing systems and seasons not only on the animal behaviour and production but also on carcass quality of rabbit.

Growth, Feed Efficiency and Health Performance of Soviet Chinchilla Rabbit Fed With Different Levels of Cole Leaves under Subtropical Hill Ecosystem of Meghalaya

It can be concluded from the present experiment that overall body weight gain was found to be significantly higher in control group than T-4 group and inclusion level of cole leaves up to 30 percent could be more beneficial in terms of feeding cost for rearing the broiler rabbits among the poor farmers.

Genetic studies on the reproductive performance of Soviet Chinchilla breed of rabbit under the agroclimatic conditions of North Eastern region

Reproduction performance of Soviet Chinchilla breed of rabbit was studied under the agro-climatic conditions of Meghalaya, a hilly state of North Eastern India to study heritability of different reproductive traits and their genetic and phenotypic correlations.

Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on post-weaning body weights and carcass traits of broiler rabbits*

Data on post weaning body weights from 6 to 16 weeks of age at biweekly intervals and carcass traits (dressing percentage and head, feet, pelt, edible and non-edible offals and fore, mid and hind cut

Extension of Multiple Range Tests to Group Correlated Adjusted Means

In recent years several writers have developed multiple range tests of differences among group (e.g. treatment) means that have equal variances and zero covariances. Duncan [1] describes various

Reproductive behaviour of rabbits

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Seasonal effects on fertility in rabbits in the tropics

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