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Effect of boiling and storage in five different commonly used cooking vessels on water fluoride concentration

  title={Effect of boiling and storage in five different commonly used cooking vessels on water fluoride concentration},
  author={K. Sadhana and Avel and A. B. Iyenkani and D. MadanKumarP. and M. Junaid},
To evaluate the effect of cooking vessel composition on the concentration of fluoride in the water used for cooking and also its effect on fluoride levels after storage for 24 hours. Standard water sample of 1parts per million (ppm) fluoride concentrations was boiled in five commonly used cooking vessels in India namely Aluminium, Earthen pot, Stainless Steel, Teflon and Glass. The fluoride levels in water were analyzed two hours after boiling and after storage for 24 hours using Ion… Expand
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Dental fluorosis and associated risk factors in early adolescents in India
The water fluoride content was found to be the strongest predictor for dental fluorosis followed by the method of water storage, which affects a large number of adolescents in both the Jhabua and Dhar districts of Madhya Pradesh. Expand


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