Effect of bile type on the bioaccessibility of soil contaminants in an in vitro digestion model.

  title={Effect of bile type on the bioaccessibility of soil contaminants in an in vitro digestion model.},
  author={Agnes G. Oomen and Cathy J. M. Rompelberg and Erwin Van de Kamp and D{\'e}sir{\'e}e Pereboom and Loeckie L De Zwart and Adrienne J A M Sips},
  journal={Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology},
  volume={46 2},
Soil ingestion is an important pathway of exposure for many nonvolatile contaminants for man and in particular for children. A fraction of the ingested contaminant may not dissociate from the soil particles during digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, and is thus not available for transport across the intestinal epithelium. In order to estimate the contaminant fraction that is mobilized from soil, i.e., the bioaccessible fraction, several in vitro digestion models have been developed. The… CONTINUE READING


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