Effect of bicellar systems on skin properties.

  title={Effect of bicellar systems on skin properties.},
  author={Lucyanna Barbosa-Barros and Clara Barba and Mercedes C{\'o}cera and Lu{\'i}sa Coderch and Carmen L{\'o}pez-Iglesias and Alfons de la Maza and Olga Cruz L{\'o}pez},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={352 1-2},
Bicelles are discoidal aggregates formed by a flat dimyristoyl-glycero-phosphocholine (DMPC) bilayer, stabilized by a rim of dihexanoyl-glycero-phosphocholine (DHPC) in water. Given the structure, composition and the dimensions of these aggregates around 10-50 nm diameter, their use for topical applications is a promising strategy. This work evaluates the effect of DMPC/DHPC bicelles with molar ratio (2/1) on intact skin. Biophysical properties of the skin, such as transepidermal water loss… CONTINUE READING

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