Effect of availability and acceptability of lethal instruments on suicide mortality AN ANALYSIS OF SOME INTERNATIONAL DATA

  title={Effect of availability and acceptability of lethal instruments on suicide mortality AN ANALYSIS OF SOME INTERNATIONAL DATA},
  author={Rebecca Farmer and J R Rohde},
  journal={Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica},
Suicide mortality in the 5 years 1969–73 in 11 countries is examined in relation to the methods used. Some countries have substantially high suicide rates for each method, others have increased mortality for certain specific methods. In this latter group it is suggested that some of the variations in total suicide mortality can be explained by variations in either the availability or the acceptability of certain specific instruments for causing death, particularly domestic gas, firearms and… 

The Limitations of Official Suicide Statistics

For suicide statistics to become valid indicators of suicide rates it might be more appropriate to apply the civil, rather than the criminal, standard of proof during inquest proceedings.

Trends and Availability of Suicide Methods in Finland

Since 1982, the suicide risk for antidepressants and neuroleptics increased coincident with their availability, although that for barbiturates remained stable but high despite a reduction in availability.

Changes in the methods used for suicide in 16 countries from 1960 to 1980

  • D. Lester
  • Psychology
    Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica
  • 1990
The overall suicide rate rose during this period in the sample countries in 1960–1964 and in 1980, and suicide rates by motor vehicle exhaust, hanging, firearms and other methods rose, but rates by domestic gas fell, andsuicide rates by solids or liquids, drowning and cutting did not change.

Suicide in England and Wales: an analysis of 100 years, 1876–1975

The variations in suicide mortality in England and Wales over a 100-year period (1876-1975) are explained by the development of a descriptive model using 5 variables including toxic gas production.

The effect of access to lethal methods of injury on suicide rates.

Differences in suicide rates between communities are, in large part, due to differences in accessibility to lethal methods of injury.

Restrictions in Availability of Drugs Used for Suicide.

It is concluded that restriction in availability of drugs with high case fatality should be a part of suicide prevention strategies.

Methodological Strategies in Suicide a

The purpose of this paper is to assess the contribution of various strategies in the search for understanding of suicide behavior and to recommend useful approaches for future research.

Suicide in a northern town of Sri Lanka

Easy availability of dangerous agrochemicals and rapid social and political changes appear to be of equal importance in producing a high rate of suicide in a northern town of Sri Lanka.

Recent trends in methods of suicide

Hanging and drowning were the preferred methods for older people, whereas poisoning was the most popular among younger adults, and the possibilities for suicide prevention by reducing the firearms and poisoning rates are discussed.

Prevention of suicide and attempted suicide in Denmark. Epidemiological studies of suicide and intervention studies in selected risk groups.

Prevention of suicide in schizophrenia must especially focus on improving assessment of risk of suicide during inpatient treatment and the first week after discharge, and special attention must be paid to patients with one or more of the identified risk factors.



Suicide by different methods

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The annual numbers of suicide deaths for the past 100 years by different methods in England and Wales are presented. It is shown that the numbers of deaths by 2 methods, domestic gas poisoning and

The Comparability of Suicide Rates

It is shown that there is considerable variation from one district to another in the relative proportions of these deaths which achieve an accident, an open or a suicide verdict, suggesting that in England and Wales coroners may not be consistent in their suicide ascertainment criteria.

Suicide mortality in Greater London: changes during the past 25 years.

There was a pronounced change in the geographical distribution of high mortality among women and the hypothesis that the determinants of suicide differ between the sexes is supported.

The coal gas story. United Kingdom suicide rates, 1960-71.

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    British journal of preventive & social medicine
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A detailed analysis of suicide rates between 1960 and 1971 for England and Wales and for Scotland confirms that all age-sex subgroups have shown a marked decline in suicide due to domestic gas,

A Study on Suicide

  • N. S. Patel
  • Psychology
    Medicine, science, and the law
  • 1974
From approximately 15,000 consecutive medicolegal autopsies, a series of 764 completed ‘suicides’ has been collected and studied. When analysed, this series revealed three principal types of

Suicide in Birmingham

The number of deaths from suicide in the City of Birmingham has fallen dramatically over the past eight years. Investigation shows that this seems to be wholly due to a reduction in deaths due to

Education and Welfare

That there was a social problem of education in the period following the Industrial Revolution was, as in the field of public health, the result of the distribution of wealth in English society. For

The social correlates of suicide in Europe. In: The suicide syndrome

  • 1980

Suicide and attempted suicide.

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