Effect of antenna mast motion on X-SAR/SRTM performance

  title={Effect of antenna mast motion on X-SAR/SRTM performance},
  author={Giorgio Franceschetti and Antonio Iodice and Stefania Maddaluno and Daniele Riccio},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing},
A prelaunch study on performances of the X-SAR/SRTM mission in case of outboard antenna mast bending is presented. The paper provides the assessment of SAR products, raw data complex images, and interferograms. Theoretical analysis shows the influence of mast oscillation parameters on each SAR product. Employing a SAR raw data simulator, a numerical study on canonical as well as actual scenes is also presented. Numerical results confirm theoretical analysis and quantitatively show SAR products… CONTINUE READING