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Effect of angiotensin II on liposome uptake by the rat brain in vivo.

  title={Effect of angiotensin II on liposome uptake by the rat brain in vivo.},
  author={N. Das and B. Raay and M. Basu},
  journal={Indian journal of experimental biology},
  volume={37 9},
Studies have been performed to assess the possibility of using small unilamellar liposomes as therapeutic carriers to the brain of hypertensive rats. Rats were made temporal hypertensive by the infusion of angiotensin II (AII; 15 micrograms in 1 ml) through their right common carotid artery. Another control group was infused with physiological saline. Free 125iodine-BSA (125I-BSA) and 125I-BSA encapsulated liposomes (average diameter approximately equal to 100 nm) were injected in the tail vein… Expand
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