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Effect of alkalosis on ouabain toxicity in the dog.

  title={Effect of alkalosis on ouabain toxicity in the dog.},
  author={Dinangelo Galmarini and Juan Francisco Campodonico and R. Wenk},
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The effect of acute alkalosis induced by either hyperventilation or sodium carbonate on the toxicity of ouabain and the importance of secondary alterations in blood pCO2 and plasma concentrations of sodium, calcium and potassium on this toxicity was studied in dogs. The mean lethal dose of ouabain in groups of dogs which had been 1) hyperventilated, 2) given sodium carbonate by infusion, 3) hyperventilated and given supplemental potassium by infusion and 4) given sodium carbonate plus… Expand
Glycoside Inotropy in the Absence of an Increase in Potassium Efflux in the Rabbit Heart
It is demonstrated that during acidosis ACS inhibits sodium-potassium adenosinetriphosphatase (Na+-K+ ATPase) and causes an inotropic effect but does not increase K+ efflux, which gives further support to the proposal that digitalis-induced inotropy is secondary to an enhancement of a Na+-Ca2+ exchange system. Expand
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The most important factors contributing to decreased tolerance and risk of toxicity are: heart disease, poor renal function, hypokalemia and hypothyroidism. Expand
Digitalis toxicity: epidemiology and clinical use of serum concentration measurements.
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Results of studies to date demonstrate that mean serum digoxin and digitoxin levels are significantly higher in patients with electrocardiographic evidence of toxicity compared with patients without such evidence, suggesting sole dependence on these levels for established of a diagnosis of digitalis toxicity is not warranted. Expand
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