Effect of alginate in patients with GERD hiatal hernia matters.


Alginate-based formulations are frequently used as add-on proton pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy to help control of heartburn and regurgitation. There are limited data regarding the mechanisms and effects of alginate-based formulations. We aimed to evaluate the effects of the sodium alginate intake and its likely temporal relations on intraesophageal reflux… (More)
DOI: 10.1093/dote/dox039


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@article{Vardar2017EffectOA, title={Effect of alginate in patients with GERD hiatal hernia matters.}, author={Rukiye Vardar and Muhammed Keskin and Elen R Valitova and Berna Bayrakçi and E. Yildirim and Serhat Bor}, journal={Diseases of the esophagus : official journal of the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus}, year={2017}, volume={30 10}, pages={1-7} }