Effect of age on plasma triglyceride concentrations in man.

  title={Effect of age on plasma triglyceride concentrations in man.},
  author={M S Greenfield and Fredric B Kraemer and T A Tobey and Gerald Mark Reaven},
  journal={Metabolism: clinical and experimental},
  volume={29 11},
Plasma triglyceride (TG) concentrations increase with advancing age. To determine if this phenomenon is due to age per se or to age-related changes in other metabolic variables, determination of fasting plasma TG, glucose, insulin, and free fatty acid (FFA) concentrations, as well as body mass index (BMI), were made on 167 normal subjects from 18 to 77 yr of age. Significant simple correlation coefficients (r) were found between TG concentrations and age (0.47), BMI (0.39) and fasting plasma… CONTINUE READING