Effect of age on auditory evoked responses (AER) and augmenting-reducing.

  title={Effect of age on auditory evoked responses (AER) and augmenting-reducing.},
  author={F. Laffont and Nicole Bruneau and Sylvie Roux and Nathalie Y R Agar and Michel Minz and H. P. Cathala},
  journal={Neurophysiologie clinique = Clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={19 1},
Auditory evoked responses (AER) were obtained from Cz and Fz in 30 adults (14 male, 16 female) from 20-80 years old. Sound bursts (1000 Hz-200 msec) of four different intensities were used. Peak to trough amplitudes of P1N1 and N1P2 and latencies of P1, N1 and P2 peaks were measured with increasing stimulus intensity and slopes of amplitude - intensity and latency - intensity curves were analysed for assessment of an age effect. The main result is that the increase in P1N1 amplitude with… CONTINUE READING

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