Effect of aflatoxin on rat liver lysosomes.


Abalraet--The effect ofafiatoxin on the activities of 5 rat liver lysosomal enzymes (acid deoxyribonuclease, arylsulfatases A and B, ß-glucuronidase, ß-gluoosidase and ß-galactosidase) has been investigated In vivo and t vitro. Threehours afterthe administration of atjatoxin, activities of most of the enzymes increased significantly reaching maximal levels at 48 hr. The activity of acidDNase incxeased the most (276 per cent of the control level) . At the sameperiod (48 hr) the activity of the soluble lysosomal enzymes greatly increased . ABatoxin had a labilizing effect oalysosomal me~lbranes, causing the release of lysosomal enzymes into the supernataat . Tho data arediscussed in connection with thebiochemical mechanism ofaflatoxin intoxication .

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