Effect of activated charcoal on absorption of nortriptyline.

  title={Effect of activated charcoal on absorption of nortriptyline.},
  author={Peter Crome and Sheila Dawling and Robin A Braithwaite and John Masters and R Walkey},
  volume={2 8050},
The ability of 'Medicoal', a new effervescent, activated charcoal preparation, to adsorb nortriptyline, has been investigated both in vitro and in vivo. A single dose of the effervescent charcoal 30 min after a dose of 75 mg nortriptyline produced a 60% mean reduction in both peak plasma levels and nortriptyline availability in healthy volunteers. Multiple doses of the effervescent charcoal produced 70% mean reduction in peak nortriptyline levels and availabiltiy. Activated charcoal is… CONTINUE READING