Effect of acrylate chemistry on human health.

  title={Effect of acrylate chemistry on human health.},
  author={Michal Tu{\vc}ek and J Tenglerov{\'a} and B Koll{\'a}rov{\'a} and M Kvasnickov{\'a} and K Maxa and I Mohyluk and E. Budisova Svandova and Ondřej Topol{\vc}an and Z Vlas{\'a}k and Miroslav Cikrt},
  journal={International archives of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={75 Suppl},
OBJECTIVES The prospective cohort study of 1992-1999 describes the effect of occupational exposure to chemical substances in the production of acrylic acid, acrylic acid esters and acrylate dispersions at the various workplaces of one chemical plant. METHODS Exposure to selected chemicals (acrylonitrile, n-butanol, butyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, methyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, toluene, and styrene) was determined by personal passive dosimetry (GC/MS method). The annual examinations… CONTINUE READING