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Effect of a mixture of amoxicillin and norfloxacin in piglets feeding on productive performance and clinical signs

  title={Effect of a mixture of amoxicillin and norfloxacin in piglets feeding on productive performance and clinical signs},
  author={Diego A Martinez and E. Alvarado and Carlos V{\'i}lchez},
An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of feeding post-weaned piglets different levels of a commercial amoxicillin plus norfloxacin formula (Respirend®) on the performance, clinical evidence of sickness, and the cost:benefit ratio. 454 PIC x Camborough female and castrated male, weaned at 21 d of age, with an average initial weight of 6.19 kg, were used in this experiment. Treatment 1 consisted in feeding a basal diet supplemented with 1000 g of a commercial tilmicosin product… 



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The absence of any significant trial X treatment interaction suggests that the nature of the response was not dependent on differences in environment, management or other factors that existed among trial locations.

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